Happy Body Acupuncture provides an environment for you to work towards a long-term state of happy and balanced health.

Self-awareness, empowerment, and progression are the principles that underpin Catherine’s approach at Happy Body Acupuncture.

A happy body, encouraged daily by an open mind and regular practice, will support your own ability to deal with life challenges and demands.

Happy Body Acupuncture Clinic

We are based in a quiet and private location, approx 2-minute drive from Monaghan Town.

Our therapy rooms are clean, inviting, warm and comfortable. Our clients naturally adopt a slower rhythm shortly after arriving at our clinic, giving in to the constant demand of modern day living. Parking is free here so there is no need to worry about running over time!

We offer a confidential and discreet space in order to provide the best possible care and attention to our client’s health needs.

Happy Body Acupuncture offers a range of treatments which supports and activates internal energy pathways in the body, corresponding to organs and body parts.

Treatments offered
Acupuncture Needles


Acupuncture is a system which supports and activates internal energy pathways in the body, corresponding to organs and body parts.


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Naturopathy is a modality that approaches health conditions using a spectrum of natural healing practices.


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Foot Massage


Reflexology is therapy where gentle pressure is applied to certain areas and zones of the feet in correspondence to organs and systems of the body.

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Body Talk

Health challenges occur for many reasons. It is essential to acknowledge the emotional, physical and environmental influences on our health.

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About Catherine Caulfield
Catherine Caulfield
Catherine is an experienced Licensed Acupuncturist. She incorporates her experience in many holistic modalities and nursing, to provide a space for you to embark on health improvement and long-term goals.
A happy body is nourished daily by a peaceful and positive mind.
Establishing this inner connection can be very challenging in our often demanding lives. However, it is still possible for you to make significant lifestyle changes.
By creating this space for your health improvement, you will unpack and re-discover your “why”, re-connecting to your true self.

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“I have attended Catherine with issues as diverse as joint pains, sleep issues, stress, poor focus and concentration, and chronic fatigue type symptoms. Her intuitive understanding of what is happening in my body and her explanations and use of Acupuncture, Cupping, BodyTalk, as well as nutritional and supplement advice, which helped clear most of my symptoms and markedly reduced the others.

Her manner and personality help create a relaxing environment and I came away from every session feeling positive, empowered and motivated.

Catherine is s brilliant therapist and I would highly recommend her to anyone with any kind of health issue”

“I recently had to attend Catherine and I found her to be a fantastic therapist. She was so professional, a friendly and warm personality. She has a brilliant knowledge of the human body and her calm approach put me at ease immediately. I would definitely return and would not hesitate to recommend her treatment. I look forward to going back”

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