About Us
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About Us

About Us

Catherine’s innate insight and compassion led her to begin a nursing career in London in 2002. Her nursing career spanned over 15 years in many clinical areas throughout the UK, Australia and Ireland.


Over this time she gained hands on experience in various clinical departments such as orthopaedics and trauma care, accident and emergency, gynaecology, colorectal, surgical and medical, cardiology and care of the elderly. In most recent years her nursing work involved one to one nursing home care, facilitating Cervical Smear clinics for General Practitioners, working as a Practice Nurse and Nurse Triage with an out of hours emergency doctor service.


Catherine was greatly inspired by her experience of nursing with indigenous tribes in outback Australia, which made an impact, awakening a deeper desire to return to the simplicity of life itself and help people help themselves. This would eventually lead to a change in her career. She embarked on a series of training within holistic health and energy medicine, and soon realised the profound connection between body and mind.

Catherine’s early part time studies in Reflexology and Reiki helped her to establish important links with patients in her ongoing nursing work, and the outcomes became more rewarding. She began to study Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and Naturopathy in 2012 and this was a turning point.


Following her completion of these studies she travelled to Vietnam where she joined a group of students to further develop understanding of oriental medicine, and observed how this was delivered within hospital settings to address many different diseases and ailments.


Catherine soon decided to leave her career in nursing and she began to provide Acupuncture treatments for cancer patients with the Crocus Cancer Support Centre in Monaghan, supporting cancer patients through their treatments, during recovery, in palliative care and ongoing cancer management.


Catherine’s ethos at Happy Body Acupuncture is to provide a nurturing space where the client feels safe to communicate their individual needs and facilitate their healing and personal growth. Catherine’s rich experience enables education and support through ill health, but also challenges clients to become more personally aware, helping them to unlock their ability to transform their own lives.


Catherine maintains her registration as a Nurse with An Bord Altranais. She is also registered with AFPA, the governing body for Acupuncture. Most health insurers recognise this governing body and will refund partial cost of treatments when receipts of treatment are provided.