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Cupping is an ancient therapy which creates suction.


Glass and Bamboo are two different types of cups used for cupping therapy.


Cupping is often used with Acupuncture needles to relieve stagnation of qi (Chi) and blood, addressing uncomfortable conditions such as headache, neck and shoulder pain and back pain. It is also very useful for releasing tension created by occupational lifestyle hazards such as stooping and poor sitting posture.


It is often described as feeling similar to a deep tissue massage, as the suction accesses deep tissue and fascia, to move blood and energy, relieving discomfort. It is a fantastic recovery therapy for athletes and runners as it helps to improve blood flow to muscles and nerves in areas of impact and stress.


The client should be aware that cupping therapy may or may not cause temporary discolouration/ bruising of the skin as blood stagnation is moved in a painful area, but this usually fades within a few days.