How Acupuncture calms the Mind
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How Acupuncture calms the Mind

How Acupuncture calms the Mind

The first Chinese text relating to Acupuncture states: 

“All Acupuncture methods must find their root in the Shen” 

The Shen is the Spirit ..or what we call the Mind in modern terms.

In the classical chinese medicine world view, the Mind and the Heart cannot be divorced from each other. 

When the Shen or the mind is disturbed, the heart is disturbed. 

These disturbances can affect us in many ways, the most obvious ones being low mood, lack of joy in life, sadness.

However, there are many less obvious symptoms relating to a disturbance with the mind. 

In simple language: Our body physically responds to the voice of our Mind.

I would like you all today to consider the following questions…

What voice messages are you leaving for your body everyday by default? 

What does your self dialogue sound like?

Are you aware of old family beliefs or patterns causing turbulence within you?

Do you feel ready to let go of old ways, and learn new ways?

Acupuncture is just one of many ways you can begin to address disturbances of flow in the body and mind. 

“I don’t know where I was” is a phrase I often hear after an Acupuncture session, as I observe a grounded body with a rested face and a peaceful mind.

The biggest change that you can establish for yourself is to allow a healthy balance in your mind and body, so you can create a healthy balance in life itself. 

When you become aware of giving yourself permission to just be (without judgement), you become friends with yourself and you realise your self worth is so worth it.