Lockdown- Creating a new Life
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Lockdown- Creating a new Life

Lockdown- Creating a new Life

Life as we know it is changing.

Adapting to the situation is the best we can do. 


It is essential to allow time for these changes to become new habits, your new daily routines.

Many people were already suffering burn out on some level long before this new catastrophe escalated.


You may feel fatigued, constantly anxious and panicked. 

You may complain of a heavy head, headaches or not being able to switch off.


Maybe you are finding it difficult to get out of bed in the morning?


Are you stress eating or stress buying? 


Do you notice a few minutes turning into hours browsing or shopping online?


Our external distractions have been shut down now. 

There is nowhere to go for lunch or a coffee! 

Your usual hide out has now closed its doors, you can’t even book a hair appointment!


For some, this isolating period won’t feel new. 

Many people have already isolated themselves for months or indeed years.

Some people have adapted to this solo lifestyle in healthy and many in unhealthy ways.


But there is an edge to this. 

The energy even in the word Covid 19 sparks immense fear and uncertainty.


It feels different. 

There is a palpable fear. 


Simple things like shopping for groceries is no longer a normal or pleasant experience.


So what do we do?


We can’t live in fear!

The fear that this virus has generated, could be considered as damaging as the virus itself!


The fear charged by this pandemic is now pushing our insecurities and frustrations to the surface. 

Behaviours like angry outbursts, overreactions, shouting, screaming, crying, physical outbursts etc

are what happens when energy has been packed in just like a pressure cooker. 


If you dig even deeper you will understand that these frustrations, insecurities and anxieties are all

coated in fear.


Not living in fear doesn’t mean that we pop our head into sand and ignore the advice given to take

precautions and isolate. 


It simply means that we take time now to recognise our own fears, and put everything out on the



We begin by changing the “pushing the fear out of the way” approach, and we get to know it.


How does this feel in the body? 


You may feel palpitations in your chest, headache and migraine, constipation, insomnia, loose bowel

movements, loss of appetite, increase in appetite. 


Every person will store stress in their own individual way.

Allowing your body to feel is uncomfortable. 

Actually acknowledging the feeling and giving it time to process, is a work of art in itself. 


It takes time, consistency and practice to reprogram your brain to let go of thoughts that distrust the

process of accepting what is happening.


How do you allow your body to feel better?


Breath work and meditation 

This is everything.

Meditation or just the act of allowing yourself some quite time to breath deeply and centre yourself,

helps you to tap into your own power supply.


Allowing the mind to rest, noticing and accepting that it will drift from time to time and that you just

come back to breath.


But this is why a healthy routine is needed.

If you have a simple structure in place for your every day you are practising a discipline. 

You are allowing your body and mind some rest. 


When your body rests, your muscles and your nervous system rest, and repair. 

It’s like turning off the computer or the phone when the battery gets too hot!


Having some consistency in your daily routine, gives you the structure you need to pull yourself back

from your mind and into your body.



If your Qi/ Energy is scattered, it is very difficult to gauge your boundaries. 


This usually shows up by noticing that you are dropping things, forgetting things, spilling things,

saying the wrong thing. 


You are overextend yourself, misread situations or conversations.

This is scattered Qi! 



A daily routine of gratitude, for the home you live in, the food you eat, the warm, comfortable bed

you sleep in. 


Loving yourself and acknowledging that you are doing great.


Look at the simple things in your life. 


Bring your awareness to the miracle of life itself, and acknowledge your valued space here.


Protected time from Social Media 

My suggestion to you is that you allocate protected time particularly in the morning and in the

evening away from social media platforms and news feed.


Meditation – GROUNDING

Dr. Joe Dispenza Morning meditation 20 mins long 

(There are lots of meditations- I will keep sharing)


432 Htz- Youtube- Jason Stephenson 

This beautiful sound bath, is fantastic for dissipating scattered qi (chi) and bringing you back to



Sound therapy is needed so much right now to help us heal our energy fields.


Also this particular link is not a guided meditation, so you can have it playing in the background

while studying, doing school work, lying down for a rest, or if you are experiencing difficulty getting

off to sleep.


Youtube: Celestial White Noise 

This runs for about 10 hours. 

It is helpful to some people who are finding it very difficult to switch off at night time.



Water 2-3 litres daily


Reduce/ avoid coffee, and avoid fizzy drinks, energy drinks.


These will keep you in stress mode. 


This is not a good cocktail for surviving the challenges of this time. 


Living in stress mode constantly is also toxic for the immune system.


Exercise and Movement

Mobility exercises- contact your gym, PT and ask them to post a video online of a few simple

mobility exercises/ stretches. 


This can be part of your routine with the children in the morning. 


Regardless of your situation just showing up for it is amazing, even if its just for 5 mins on your

bedroom or kitchen floor.


Contact your gym or PT. There may be a private group, or online class where everyone could sign in

and see each other. 


This is a great way of keeping everyone accountable and accomplished.


Letting people know your routine 

Monkey see, monkey do!


You may choose to keep this process private and journey inward, this is also great work.


But don’t underestimate how inspiring your journey may be to those around you.


Your daily routine changes might inspire someone else to begin.


It will also help children appreciate the importance of the balance of structure and freedom. 


Though helping to educate and inspire people is amazing , also realise and respect that what works

for you, may be different for others. 


Everyone comes to into their own, in the their own time.


Plant seeds 

It is Spring. 

If you have any old pieces of rubbish that you can convert into a raised bed or herb garden, get started!


Now is your time to learn something you didn’t have time for before. 

Carrots, Lettuce, Onions, potatoes etc..your very own supply.


Yoga/ Breath Work 

Get in touch with your yoga teachers. 


They would love the opportunity to offer you support with calming  morning sequences for breathing

and mobilising the body, for you and for your children.


It is easier now more than ever to – it is all about just showing up for yourself.


Coaching: Online support

There are lots of therapists, coaches, mentors in our community..ASK them for guidance. 


I have created a zoom account so appointments can be made. 


You can send me a message through the contact link on this page, to organise an appointment.


Yoga Online  




My recommendation of the day is

Brene Brown’s new podcast called “Unlocking Us”


Russell Brand “Under the Skin” 

Episode with Gabor Mate and another episode with Wim Hoff, that will get you started!



Dr. Joe Dispenza Morning Meditation- 20 mins long -available on iTunes, Google Play


Audible Books

My recommendation for today is “Breaking the Habit of being yourself”

-I have LOTS of recommendations for Audible but I won’t go through them all today!


A more enjoyable upbeat, heart warming story on Audible is “Born a Crime” by Trevor Noah 

I will be sharing stories and posts via Facebook and Instagram, so follow the page and you will see

updates (during your allocated social media time!)


Also if you would like to see a topic covered please contact me, I will do my best to respond to your

query and offer guidance as much as I can.


Warm wishes and many blessings,