Silencing the Mind
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Silencing the Mind

Silencing the Mind

“The Soul usually knows how to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind”

  • Caroline Myss

Have you ever been in a crowded room, while having an important conversation. 

Maybe the radio is too loud, or the television is loud in the back ground.

It is very difficult to give your undivided attention to the information in this important conversation. You feel that this conversation holds information that you need, and you are listening attentively. But the distraction of the noise is distracting you, and pulls your attention away. 

Because you are distracted, you have missed this information. The moment is gone. 

You get a strong feeling that this was important because you can FEEL it. However, you’re not quite sure WHY this feels significant.

Now you leave this situation. You feel split. You want MORE of that feeling, as somehow it feels familiar. It feels like your type of language, and the type of conversation you’d like to have again.

Silencing your mind can be like turning down the radio and turning the television/ laptop off. 

If you want to hear what your soul is trying to tell you, turn off the distractions, switch your phone off.

Now BREATHE…IN and OUT, repeat. 

You may not notice change at the beginning but after a few days your nervous system will begin to recognise this new pattern, so it will become easier to do.

When you allow some time to do this every day, you will build a trust with your inner intelligence. You will soon be confident in what feels “right” for you, and what feels “wrong”. 

Just by silencing your mind for a few minutes enables your brain to renew, fresh oxygenated blood to circulate, stress hormones to regulate etc. 

You will develop and gain a trust in yourself. Silence your mind. Hear the guidance, the creativity, the ideas, and inspiration that is trying to be heard.

In TCM (Trad.Chinese Medicine) the Soul is translated in a few ways, but is commonly known as the Shen, the Spirit.

When the Shen is not living in harmony with the person (When the Soul/Spirit is not cared for), it becomes restless and agitated. This often manifests physically in conditions such as Insomnia, restless sleep, disturbed dreams, night terrors, palpitations/ anxiety, IBS, pain etc

Quite simply if the body and mind do not get adequate time to rest regularly, imbalances occur. If these imbalances aren’t addressed, they become part of the personality so it becomes more difficult to distinguish.

BALANCE is key..we may not achieve it all the time, but striving for it is a healthy way to approach your daily health and daily living.