Space for New Life
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Space for New Life

Space for new Life


This is a fresh start. 


By clearing space, you create new space for things to grow, room for something new.


Routine is important. 


This a chance to review your old routine, and identify what wasn’t working for you. 


You may be becoming more aware of the emotions you have felt around certain people, or around


challenges at work.


The toxicity that you had adapted to in many ways, hasn’t gone away, you’ve just created more space.


And if there is anything positive to be taken from this time, space and time are on your side.


It is time for re-set. 


Re-evaluating your why and re-structuring and re-organising your life, both from a personal and


work point of view.


What needs to go?


What newsfeed are you listening/ watching?


What you are choosing to listen to, is what is going to feed your thought patterns- therefore having a


huge affect on how your body stresses and de-stresses.


Who or what you are a “follower” of will on some level, influence your reaction and your filter to


life..maybe it’s time to review this?

Physically de- cluttering may include cleaning out your wardrobe, your kitchen units, cleaning out


the car, tidying or sorting items in your garage. 


Overcoming the resistance you have to cleaning something, and getting stuck in is cathartic and you


feel accomplished and clear. 


In Chinese Medicine moving things around, and get stuff done works along side Liver Qi and is very


helpful energetically to the body and mind, as it moves stagnation.


It also gives you a chance to work off any frustrations, gain clarity and improve creativity!


Warm wishes, and many blessings,